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"If we wait to test students until they've been here three full years, we've missed our opportunity to address specific needs," he said. September 20, 2002 COMMUNOTY Lakeland Newspapers/ £ m . At Grant Community High School in Fox Lake, Frank Cittadino is athletic director and Division Chair of Physical Education, Health Education and Drivers Education. "A goal at die start of the season was to win a trophy, so I'm hoping we can accomplish that at Stevenson. Larson recorded three saves and Staton four in goal.

"Our tests cover all the same infor- mation, but we test students over the four years.". fa school want s if safe ■ By JUUE MURPHY Staff Reporter * Budding Bull Collin Barber, 6, of Ingleside waits to practice his dribbling at the Junior Bulls basketball camp held at Antioch Lower Grade School. At Grant, whose decades of interscholastic wrestling prowess has been a symbol of pride among male team members, any junior or senior PE student, boy or girl, can also be part of an elite team called CHAMPS. Plus, this will be my first game back at Stevenson, so it would be even nicer to walk away with something," said. The U12 boy's then defeated the same Real FC Scorpions by the same score (2-1) a few short days later on the road.

I'm just a small part of a bigger team." Lienhardt was presented with a special award from the Antioch Chamber of Commerce and Industry during a special luncheon held to honor members of the Antioch Fire, Police and Rescue Squad departments. Daryl Youngs, school liaison officer with the Antioch Police Department, and First Lt. The agency is having chemical waste collection at the Antioch public works build- ing, located at 796 Holbek, on Saturday, Sept. Village administrator Mike Haley said Trustee Wayne Foresta had made a request for SWALCO to come to Antioch several months ago. The Sequoits also received inspiration from senior Mike Lynn, 17-year-old starting wide receiver who was diagnosed with testicu- lar cancer last week.

I've never felt more fulfilled in my life since I started working with the Rescue Squad." Bill Aniens, the Chamber's first vice president said, "We've been talking about honoring the members of the fire, police and rescue squad for over a year. Once completely dry, the open can of paint (no lid) can be taken out with the rest of the regular garbage. "Grant does a lot of tilings we haven't seen before and they've always been a solid team fundamentally." Meanwhile, Wauconda will host Mundelein Sept. "Especially in high school winning early on is important, confidence is imperative." ■■ .

The plagues state that the Chamber has chosen to honor these members "for their outstanding service and dedica- tion to the community." . fa school By JUUE MURPHY Staff Reporter plummet / w : "The numbers are very disap- pointing," said Supt. Call Tom Anderson at 608-223-6550 xjr- ,......,............_...•..-•....-•-•••••..--• i — ^ II ••••••■•.•••••.•••■••••»••••.•-••• .....,._•-. For more info., call Karen at 847-395-6244 ~ »»«» « ««»«-* a—* • p.m., Antioch VFW Bingo, doors open p.m., call 847-395-5393 Saturday, September 28 a.m., 1st Annual Education Day sponsored by The Northern Illinois Conservation Club. * ark friends hold second meetin By JUUE MURPHY Staff Reporter . NSC crossover battle Willi unbeaten Devils Gacbler, I lawkins, Shafcmak the real deal Big date with Giannini, Pats next Zion's big plays, speed too much for Cats Brought back to earth by Mustangs Offense looks to get back on track against Scouts Rams' 'D' doing the job; I lomecoming letdown? Offense, defense on same page Can sustain momentum of first win at CSL power 1 1 P Will elusive first win come at Zion? If you are looking for more competition but still want to participate in an in-house program, the Rebels are calling your name. This team is open to all youths 11- and-12- years-old throughout the county.

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We keep reports and the reports are public." The HOD Landfill is a 51-acre site Uiat operated as a landfill accept- ing municipal and hazardous wastes from about 1963 through 1984 north of Rte. By 1909 the landfill was closed, cov- ered with a clay cap, and leachate collection wells and landfill gas vents had been installed under EPA per- mit. As of August 1999, there were about 14,300 people living within 3 miles of the site. f, I think we're stressing a lifetime wellness approach and always have," said Campbell. Back row, from left, includes Assistant Coach Rock Ridolfi, Alex Ridolfi, Joshua Oppenheim, Anthony Covelli, Head Coach Joe Soehn, Jesse Miranda, Matt Hemmerle, Nick Mueller and Assistant Coach Harry Korosis.KIEXT WEEfpf Lakeland's Midseason ; ^#« "ootball Report ° Meet your cheerleaders • Faces of spirit • Teanvby-team analysis .**... ' ■ - Chamber ' FALL HOME & GARDEN Our guide to help you beautify your home SEE INSERT BRIDAL SHOWCASE See who's getting married, who already is SEE B9 ^_ — —- zzzz By JUUE MURPHY Staff Reporter "This is a job of public humility and private heroism," said Lt. Chief Watkins of the Antioch Police Department said, "In the 10 years Darryl has been here, he's always given his heart to the depart- ment. His slogan has always been whatever it takes.'" Antonelli added, "It's nice to get an award for doing what you love to do. Area residents can pick up the corncobs at the public works building from 7 a.m.- p.m. The corncobs are to be added in equal parts to the paint, mixed well and allowed to dry. Antioch will travel to Grant Friday night in what will prove to be a pivotal game if Antioch has any hope of qualifying for the state play- offs this year. "I like where we are, I'm feeling good about it," said Gordy. "We have to take the effort and intensity that we had in the second half of the Antioch game (only allowing seven points), and turn that into two halves against Mundelein," said Kozlowski. Ralph Antonelli witli the Antioch Rescue Squad were also award recipients. For those who have been storing latex i - - paints, SWALCO is working with the Village of Antioch to distribute free bags of crushed corncobs to area residents to be used to dis- pose of latex (only) paint. Lynn, who has started since his junior year, underwent surgery Monday and is expected to fully recover.Statewide, the increase was a little over 44 percent. ' "I have other commit- to look at the designs for the 'I have other commitments ments at school," she said, new building," she recalled. Arid it's time to get some to get some new blood into the board' She was glad to have input in the process, and pleased that the resulting construction took into account the natural beauty of the site. to Sun., Snowmobile USA Show and Sale and Grass Drag Racing event held at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake. "The first is to supply a parent directory and the second is to sponsor a safe drug- free post-prom for ACHS prom 'We anticipate 60 quality crofters' Joann O'Connell of ALL Parents Network for Thanksgiving and the holidays. News and notes If you like soccer, you might want to mark, down Sat., Sept. at the Ubertyville Sports Complex on your cal- endar.Composite scores that average ,the English, mathematics and sci- ence reasoning scores dropped from 22.1 in 20.00-01 to 19.8 in 2001-02, or about 10.4 percent. "I love the wall of natural flowers, as well as the nature area behind the library, the nature trail and the wetlands," she said. For more information, call 847-654- 7846 p.m., Lakes Region Historical Society meets at the museum, 817 Main St., Antioch, call Robert Lindblad, 847-395-0899 or Nancy Binder, 847-395-1453 .......... I* p.m., Irish American Club meets at State Bank of the Lakes in Antioch, 847-395-3942 .... O'Connell said arrangements could be made for either pick-up or local delivery. Adults Good only at ■ | Kids/Seniors Anltocb location I Oiler expires: ; $ 2.00' OFF I reat Clips for hair: I " Sepl. That's when you and your family can come and enjoy a celebrity soccer game as DJs from WIIL, WEXT, WXLC and Star 105.5 will compete for the best radio station soccer tea,.

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