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Asked why he took such desperate measure, Raffray, born in 1962, says, “We are not respected. Many people think that we do not respect our animals’ rights.This is simply not true.” Raffray felt betrayed by his own people, that his country’s traditions were being swept aside.laude Raffray, a native of Rennes, also in Brittany, tried to take his own life with pills while watching TV in the living room one afternoon.

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Ganay’s experience represents an increasingly familiar story across France.He is crying, wondering how things could have gone so wrong that he is ready to end his life.Already heavily in debt, just a few hours earlier the bank denied him another loan that could have kept his forty-cow operation afloat.* * * oel Roze, born in the Brittany region in 1967, decided early on in life that he would work the land, as his parents had before him.In 2007 he and his German wife bought a new farm, borrowing a large sum of money to do so.

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