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Though Hoy por Hoy had attained its highest audience levels ever with Aristegui at the helm, beginning in 2007, Aristegui was conspicuously omitted from the list of electronic journalists who were granted interviews with the Mexican president.

On 5 January 2008, La Jornada reported that after the show's final broadcast, Aristegui received applause from station workers, lasting for several minutes.

We discussed it and looked forward to specific proposals, but in the end it didn't happen." In her final broadcast, she said that she had been surprised by the news of her termination.

The split coincided with the March 2007 appointment of Daniel Moreno, who was close to the wife of Zavala and former president Vicente Fox's wife Marta Sahagún, as director of W.

MVS Radio and Aristegui reached an agreement in early 2009 to begin a new radio show on Noticias MVS.

The daily show, which began airing in January 2009, dealt with issues in much greater depth than her twenty-minute TV show for CNN.

Aristegui has worked for various radio stations, including Radio Educación, FM Globo and Stereorey.

The network notified me that they sought to change the contractual conditions in some respects, incorporating some changes in editorial direction...She is widely regarded as one of Mexico's leading journalists and left-wing opinion leaders, and is best known for her critical investigations of the Mexican government.She is the anchor of the news program Aristegui on CNN en Español, and writes regularly for the opinion section of the periodical Reforma.Aristegui was born on 18 January 1964 in Mexico City, the fifth of seven children.Her father had come to Mexico as a child as a refugee from the Spanish Civil War.

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