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Neve also celebrated her 37th birthday earlier this month, which means there's a lot to celebrate on her tropical getaway. Almost 20 years after the '90s film scared the you-know-what out of us, two of "Scream's" biggest stars reunited in Dallas for the first time in ages.True took to Twitter to share another photo after the event, where she and Neve are seen with horror actors Julian Sands, Malcolm Mc Dowell and Udo Kier.The video above features the first and only nude scene ever filmed of actress Neve Campbell, and it comes from the 2007 movie “I Really Hate My Job”. Canadian Neve first found fame in 1994 as Julia Salinger in TV teen drama Party Of Five. She then married British actor John Light in 2007, but filed for her second divorce in the summer of 2010 despite having moved to London to live with him. She first married bartender Jeff Colt in 1995, but they divorced in 1998.84 LIVE WIRE MARIANELA PEREYRA Someday humanity will tire of MTV's countless Real World reruns. 104 COVER GIRL NEVE CAMPBELL First she suckered you into watching Party of Five. 112 QUOTE, UNQUOTE THE VIRUS HUNTER If you ever start bleeding from your eyeballs, this is the guy to call.

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Neve recently filled EW in on what to expect from her character, Sidney, in – and dishes that her character has written a self-help book!115 FASHION Prowl city streets looking like you tumbled out of The Matrix. She’s explained: ‘I don’t regret in any sense doing the Scream movies, but at some points in my career I think it did hinder me in certain ways when maybe someone wouldn’t cast me.’ In spite of that typecasting, she scored high-profile roles in the films Wild Things and The Craft. 70 DARK MISTRESS MERCEDES Mc NAB She plays a vampire on Angel, which is appropriate, considering she's gorgeous enough to raise the dead.76 SEX SURVEY GLOBAL HOTSPOTS The statistical trends found by our massive global sex survey have justified the existence of math. Twister and Donkey Kong have two things in common: They're both on this list and they both let you see plumber's crack.

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