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A study of French hospital patients found that approximately 0.5% of HIV-1 infected individuals retain high levels of CD4 T-cells and a low or clinically undetectable viral load without anti-retroviral treatment.

The "NAT" or "NAAT" test (nucleic acid amplification test) is used to detect the presence of genetic material that is specific to HIV.

Main reasons of this stage are- severe damage of lymph nodes and tissues, HIV mutates and becomes more pathogenic-and start to kill more CD4 cells, and body will be tired - fails to keep up with replacing the T helper cells that are lost.

Eventually most HIV -infected individuals develop AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)- And the patient will die from opportunistic infections or malignant cancers which are associated with the down fall and failure of the immune system.

The second stage, acute infection, lasts an average of 28 days and can include symptoms such as fever, lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes), pharyngitis (sore throat), rash, myalgia (muscle pain), malaise, and mouth and esophageal sores.

Embedded in the viral envelope are proteins from the host cell, as well as 72 copies (on average) of a complex HIV protein (frequently called "spikes") that protrudes through the surface of the virus particle (virion).

Yet, in 2006 less than one percent of people living with HIV/AIDS were screened for TB. Besides AIDS, there are a series of other problems that HIV causes that do not count as AIDS.

Some of these problems may be caused directly by HIV.

HIV infection has basically four stages: incubation period, acute infection, latency stage and AIDS.

The initial incubation period upon infection is asymptomatic and usually lasts between two and four weeks.

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