Isotopic age dating

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The epoch was intended to cover the recent period of repeated glaciations; however, the start was set too late and some early cooling and glaciation are now believed to be in the Gelasian stage at end of the Pliocene.

Therefore, some climatologists and geologists would prefer a start date of around 2.58 million years BP (Clague 2006).

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North central North America was totally covered by Lake Agassiz.Therefore, the Pleistocene is currently an epoch of both the longer Neogene and the shorter Quaternary.The proposal of INQUA is to extend the beginning of the Pleistocene to the beginning of the Gelasian Stage, shortening the Pliocene, and ending the Neogene with the revised end of the Pliocene.Glaciers existed in the mountains of Ethiopia and to the west in the Atlas mountains.In the northern hemisphere, many glaciers fused into one.

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